Is it time to put some focus on yourself?

Do you want to improve your fitness?

Are you ready to pursue your dream? Or explore different paths to find your own?

Have you put so much energy into your other responsibilities you’ve allowed your own fitness, health, and aspirations to sit on the back burner for too long?

Then I’m glad you’re here!

Get ready to improve your health through exercise and clean eating and take that first step to fulfill or finding your own dream come true!

I’m here to support you on your fitness journey and encourage you as you pursue your dreams.

Let’s embrace this season of life and make it our best!

I am a NASM certified personal trainer with a specialty in Women’s Fitness and a writer. I live in Minnesota with my husband and sweet, yet headstrong, dog, Jax. We have two adult children and I am grateful they live nearby.

When my youngest child got ready to leave for college, I began focusing on where my passions lay and trying to remember my own dreams. I enrolled in writing classes and am pursuing my dream of publishing my first book.

I also took a good, hard look at my health and fitness. I wasn’t in the physical shape I wanted to be as I headed into the next chapter of life. My cholesterol levels were climbing, my energy levels and cardiovascular fitness were low, and my strength level was plummeting.

I signed up with a personal trainer and, over a six-month period, through both diet and exercise, lost 23 pounds and, more importantly, gained strength and energy. I’ve been able to keep my cholesterol levels at a stable point and stay off medication. An unexpected benefit was regaining confidence, something I wasn’t even aware I’d lost. When I completed my first 5K I shed tears of joy!

I’ve become passionate about the importance of exercise and good nutrition in our lives as we enter our 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. This led me to become a CPT myself. My mission is to inform, encourage and support other women on their own fitness journeys and as they take the first steps of turning their dreams into their realities.